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promotional-banner High quality retail labels printed using the latest Xeikon digital label printing technology.

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In the current economic climate the retail businesses that survive are those that offer the best deals and that shout the loudest. There is no point in having a fantastic sale at your store if no-one realises that it is happening. In order to ensure that your customers realise what great savings they could make it is vital to make use of the right retail labels.

Through the use of retail stickers you are able to draw the attention of your customers to the fact you have a special promotion or sale going on. Our range of retails labels offer a variety of ways to display the particular promotion or level of discount, whether you require pre-printed stickers or blank ones that can be filled on by hand.

Our retail self adhesive labels are designed to be flexible and can be attached to a variety of materials, including boxes, textiles and plastic bags.