A sustainable product with 0% landfill

Mercian Zero is our commitment as a business to focus on our environmental impact and Corporate Social Responsibility, reassuring you that 0% of our production goes into landfill, giving you and your product total peace of mind.

The concept of sustainability is of growing importance to consumers, and there is a pressing need to create environmentally friendly products. How is Mercian Zero different and able to adopt a sustainable approach, that positively impacts on the environment?

  • Solvents – Our digital processes use no solvents, unlike offset, liquid toner or solvent based inkjet
  • Zero to Landfill – all of our waste is converted to energy
  • De-inking – our digitally printed labels are fully de-inkable during recycling, unlike suppliers using liquid toner
  • Sustainable paper supplies – our self-adhesive paper labels are produced from recycled paper or from sustainable forests
  • We specify recyclable plastics as a preference – such as Polypropylene for our synthetic labels. We segregate waste on-site.
  • Our digital toners are FDA foodsafe
  • We use an ERP system designed to monitor any waste and to minimise our environmental impact
  • We are happy to advise on the correct combinations of materials to maximise product recyclability



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