Advice for 1st time custom printed label buyers and small businesses

Mercian Labels have more SME customers than any other dedicated label printing specialist in the UK with over 50 new businesses joining us every month.

We love helping start-up businesses get the labels they need and are very happy to give free advice on everything to do with labelling,  including the selection of the right materials and adhesives for your application. If you are looking for a labelling specialist who wants your short run labelling business (even if your initial requirement is modest) and to make you a satisfied customer then you have come to the right place! We print any number of labels, from less than 1,000 to millions! We use a variety of print technologies to ensure your product gets the market penetration it deserves.

What should you do?

foodpackaging The first step is to contact us by email or phone to describe what you want to achieve, and we will listen to your requirements, answer your questions and provide you with samples, press proofs and quotations before you are ready to place an order. This can be done the same day, or take some weeks depending on your time-scales.

You will need professional standard artwork to get the best from your label design. It’s great if you have you own already, we can work with that and our graphic designers will make minor adjustments to fit our processes. If you need a complete packaging and branding design service then we have a recommended 3rd party supplier you can use, or someone else recommended to you.

No hidden costs

Often first time label buyers are unaware of some of the hidden costs of labelling especially as you will probably choose to change your design many times as your products sell or needs develop. There are 4 costs you need to be aware of

  1. Artwork – every time you change your artwork design, your graphic designer will charge you to do this, so its best to put some thought into it from the start.  For a small charge we can design artwork for you based on any existing packaging you have, your logo or brand aspirations.
  2. Printing plates – the majority of our work does not include printing plates now as its printed digitally, but for long runs and certain jobs it can be cheaper to pay for plates to have the job printed faster and cheaper in long runs.
  3. Cutters – your labels are cut out of the paper or PP plastic using a special cutter. We have thousands of cutters, so if you can choose a design that uses one of these then you remove this cost completely. If you need an exact special shape and size, then these cutters are around the £100 mark depending on configuration
  4. The labels themselves – the cost to print, varnish, laminate and die cut your labels

The majority of our orders are dispatched in just 3-5 days from artwork approval and order. We have a minimum invoice value of £150 but can offer a lot of different designs for that entry level price.

Speak with us

Can we help you further? Call us on 01543 431 070 or submit an enquiry form to see samples of what we do.