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flexo-banner High quality flexographic labels printed using the latest flexographic label printing technology.

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uv flexoThe majority of labels printed in the UK today are printed ‘UV flexo’‘, with UV cured inks.  UV flexo is the highest quality available, and is mainly used for larger productions with colour combinations up to 8 colours in our case plus variable data, unusual constructions and die cuts etc.Box-2

The main benefits of flexographic label printing is that it is a economical printing method used for medium to long print runs as the production speeds are higher, and the inks are cheaper than digital toners.  However there is a substantial cost to “setup” each different design in machine time, but most important is that you have to pay for a set of printing plates that are unique to each design.   Consequently UV flexo‘ is usually chosen for long runs.

HD flexo

A more recent evolution in the industry has been so-called ‘HD Flexo‘ where the resolution of the plate imaging has been combined with highly optimsed plate mounting tapes, superior UV flexo inks and the very latest servo driven machines (including our presses) to create image quality that matches that of ‘offset litho’ and electrophographic digital images, and sometimes can approach that of gravure.

The flexographic labels printing process is best suited to larger production runs, simpler designs and color combinations up to 4 colours where special effects are not required.

Key benefits Of Flexographic Labels

  • Good quality printing using a range of papers and inks for all types of product labelling.
  • Very economical printing method for larger print runs as larger, faster printing machines are used.
  • The printing method of choice for many long run requirements.

Benefit From Flexographic Label Printing

The first stage of sourcing your flexographic labels is to contact us for your free sample pack or a quotation. If you do not know what type of label you require, then let our expert support staff guide you through the design and specification process free of charge!

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