Mercian Labels is  currently recruiting for these specific roles:

1 x Business Development Manager – advertised 17 Nov 2017


We look for talent that is passionate about innovate manufacturing

We are an ambitious, growing and successful business that is passionate about manufacturing innovative British packaging products.

We regularly add to our talent pool as our growth demands additional skills and capacity. We look for people with a track record in their area, and value training, qualifications and experience to deliver the best for our customers.

We welcome speculative applications to our Managing Director and enjoy the opportunity to talk in confidence to talented people looking for a promotion or career change to see if there may be a future opening for them in the business. We do relocate senior people for specialist roles on occasions.

We particularly look for people with excellent skills in the following roles: product innovation specialists, managers in any relevant field, production supervisors, internal sales coordinators, field key account managers, label printers, production planners, dispatchers, open source IT staff, graphic designers and internal accounts / credit control staff.

How to get hired by Mercian Labels

We always prefer to recruit talent from a pool of people who have already made an approach and expressed an interest in working for us when a suitable role is, or can be made available.

  • When we need to hire for a new role, then our first approach is to search our own database for professionals known to be interested in a suitable role with us. Often we recruit through this route alone, and do not advertise positions, so we encourage all potential candidates to register with us.
  • If we need to advertise to fill a vacancy that is not of immediate interest to anyone on our database, we advertise on this site, our blog, twitter, and on linkedin and interview respondants.  Many specialist and management positions are filled by  this stage well before we advertise through Job Boards.
  • As a further step, we undertake proactive online searches using professional networks such as linkedin and through the many CV databases such as
  • Finally and as a last resort we advertise using online job boards when necessary.

The best way to secure a career with us is to register your interest with us. We maintain a completely confidential database of professionals who are known to be interested in being notified when we are recruiting for certain types of roles. This database is only accessed by Board Directors and their PA and is stored securely in confidence. Details entered will not be shared with any 3rd party and will only be used to inform you in confidence of future suitable vacancies that match the preferences you have expressed.

To register your interest in being informed about specific suitable future roles with no obligation or commitment whatsoever, please enter your details on our registration page. You will receive an email confirmation and details of how to be removed should you ever wish to.

Recruitment consultants / HR firms / Executive Search companies

Search companies should read our engagement policy below before contacting us or our staff.

Working environment



Our working environment is modern, professional and enjoyable to be in. Our new Burntwood site was acquired in 2014 and is pictured above.

See our nomination video for the “Best Place to Work” award

Why not join us for a no obligation trial day?

We welcome professionals who are considering a career change to come and spend a day with us, shadowing one of our team to see what it is like to work at Mercian Labels. We find this one of the best ways to determine if we are right for you, and you are right for us.

Work experience and undergraduate placements

We offer placements to work experience students, undergraduates and masters level postgraduates doing sandwich course s and thesis projects in technical and business disciplines every year. Please contact us with your CV and requirements if you wish to secure a placement with us.

About Mercian Labels’ Culture

Our Burntwood factory bought in 2014

Our Burntwood factory bought in 2014

Please read the section below about our culture. You must find this culture attractive to work for us, as if it conflicts with your aspirations then we may not be the best employer for you.

Introduction: Deciding to join Mercian Labels  is as much a lifestyle choice as a career decision. We know that there are many opportunities open to people like you who want to balance the many different aspects of your chosen lifestyle. This is why we have developed a workplace culture to attract and keep quality people on our team.

Individualism: Gone are the days of rigid management structures and archaic rules. Our staff present themselves with professionalism in the workplace, earn respect amongst their peers and be proud of their autonomy. You will be given training, and as much decision making responsibility as you can handle comfortably. Our managers earn respect as team leaders and enjoy autonomy to run their team in their own style with support form the Board.

Flexibility: We know you have a life outside work, and that sometimes this conflicts with your professional commitments. Thats fine, we try to work around this. Whilst maintaining essential levels of service, you can fit in late notice holiday breaks, child care, term time working, your sports team, working from home, even extended unpaid leave for overseas traveling. Whatever your aspirations, if you feel that you would like to join us, dont let your other commitments deter you from speaking to us.

Job security: We are not a hire and fire company, and the majority of our team have over 5 years service. We have been voted one of Staffordshire’s top 25 employers. Our record speaks for itself.

Professional challenges, not stress: The world of small business is dynamic, evolving and challenging. Being busy making customers happy keeps us in business, but stress is nobody’s friend. We aim to constantly bring new ideas to the business to learn from that challenge us all in a positive way. Yes, a conscientious person thinks about work outside the workplace, but extended hours working is rarely required. When we close at 5pm, pretty much all of us head home. Constantly working late every night isnt’t be required by anybody outside board Directors.

Training and career progression: The downside of being a smaller business is that we dont have a traditional corporate ladder for you to climb. This business structure is pretty outdated anyway. What we have is better: freedom for you to create workplace challenges that offer learning opportunities that interest you. If we dont have a skill we need to develop an interesting and prospectively lucrative business idea, then we will train someone to do it. We are not an apprenticeship factory, but we do get great satisfaction for nurturing individual talents.

Respect: We operate in a culture of openness, respect and fairness in line with our company values. Our values mean something to us, so please read them before applying to us.

Share the success: We have a very clear bonus scheme that pays out a proportion of our profits to all staff twice a year, before xmas and before the summer holidays. When we make a profit, we all get a fair share of it. This forms a substantial and growing part of the remuneration package for all staff.

Recruitment policy: It goes without saying that we are an equal opportunities employer. Sometimes we have specific vacancies to fill, other times we are quite happy to find a role for quality people who feel they have something special to offer.

Practical support from our free Employee Assistance Programme for you and your family

We  offer all our employees access to a free Employee Assistance Programme to support them and their families with free advice and counselling from British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) qualified counsellors on a range of issues including:

  • Benefits: What are you eligible for, How to claim.
  • Debt: Credit, Debt, Banks, Loans, Consolidation, Full Debt Counselling.
  • Education: Problems at School, Bullying, Student Funding.
  • Employment: Rights, Bullying and Harassment, Discrimination, Disability, Transfer of Business, Maternity Rights/Pay, Sick Pay, Health and Safety at Work, Dismissal.
  • Family and Personal: Relationships, Divorce, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Childcare, Eldercare, Community Care, Changing a Name, Bereavement
  • Health: Infertility, HIV/AIDS, Abortion, Health Costs, Patients Rights/Complaints, Mental Health, Stress.

Our EAP scheme is an important contribution by the company to support our staff in both the good times and the bad.

Internal training courses

Continuous staff training is a core part of our internal staff development programme and we run formal training courses every month on a range of subjects including the following:

  • Company finance, basic accounting, profitability, pricing models and credit reports
  • Report writing
  • Time management
  • Social Media for business
  • Customer service
  • Contract Law and Terms and Conditions of business
  • Public Speaking and verbal Presentation skills
  • Closing the sale / sales techniques
  • Lean manufacturing techniques to make production easier & better
  • Technical labelling (adhesives, substrates, recycling, die cutting,inks etc)
  • Market intelligence gathering on new products, competitors, customers, technologies etc
  • Business strategy planning tools
  • Barcode symbologies

Staff Satisfaction data

We conducted a private survey of all staff in 2013 across over 50 different topics with the following feedback:

  • 94% were satisfied or very satisfied with their job
  • 88% were satisfied with their job security
  • 92% agree with the company’s value statement
  • 100% see their workplace as safe
  • 67% agree that the company invests properly in its plant and machinery
  • 80%agree that the company invests properly in its people
  • 90% are optimistic about the future of the company
  • 97% of staff are proud, very proud or extremely proud to work for the company
  • 87% would recommend employment at the company to a friend

Company Values

A word cloud of responses when all staff were asked to choose values that represented core company values of staff at the Mercian Labels Group

A word cloud of responses when all staff at our 2013 Away Day were asked to choose values that represented core company values of staff at Mercian Labels .  If you feel that a career at Mercian Labels would suit you it is vital that you relate strongly to these values, as you wont fit in and be happy if these things are not important to you, as they are to us.

Remuneration policy

Our policy is to pay at or above market rate, plus profit related bonus for everyone and commission payments for appropriate sales executives.

Note for Search Firms…
Please be aware that we have a strict policy on unsolicited contact from recruitment agencies. We have an effective recruitment approach and an extensive database of CVs from relevant candidates. We usually hear from candidates before you do and often already have their CV. Therefore, sending us an unsolicited CV does not give you any claim over that candidate and we will not acknowledge any such claim.

Mercian Labels will only use recruitment agencies with whom we have agreed terms and conditions in advance. We require all agency/search firms to request and return to the Director’s PA a written fee agreement prior to any CV submittal.

Mercian Labels will not be responsible for payment of any fees in the absence of a mutually agreed upon fee agreement. Any unsolicited CVs from other recruitment agencies submitted to us (including individual members of staff) will be considered Mercian Labels Ltd property and we will be under no obligation to pay any referral fees.

We also have a policy to record the names of recruitment agencies who pro-actively solicit our employees to leave us (whether successful or not) and will not engage any firm on this list for any future projects for a period of 10 years from the date of contact. The clear message we wish to send unscrupulousness recruitment firms attempting to earn an quick fee is that attempting to poach our talent will effectively prohibit you from earning any future fees from us. We also reserve the right to publicise the names of companies on this list.

We apologise to high quality recruitment agencies for this approach, but we receive an unacceptable level of unsolicited contact and will strictly apply this policy in order to contain this challenge.