Environmental Credentials

Environmental Credentials for Digital Label Printing & CSR policy

eco-banner All Digital Label printing methods are not the same and there are significant environmental performance differences that we want our current and pottential customers to be aware of when choosing a supplier.

The key issues are solvent use, deinkability, energy use, waste minimisation and food contact safety.

“Green” is part of our business proceses. Our full CSR policy that covers the environment, energy use, transport, waste minimisation and recycling, software, pollution, community and other issues we feel responsible and accountable for can be found here.

100% sustainable green electricity used for toner manufacture

Producing toner ink for digital label production is an energy intensive process, but we ensure that 100% of the energy needed is purchased from sustainable, renewable electricity suppliers.

No solvent use

Our digital printing process does not use VOCs or other solvents, unlike offset, liquid toner (eg HP Digital) or solvent based inkjet.

All our digitally printed labels are deinkable for recycling

To recycle paper you need to remove the printed ink in a process known as deinking. Our digitally printed labels are fully deinkable, unlike many other digital label suplliers whose printed products can not be deinked (HP printed products is a recent case study) and consequently may end up in landfill. Please read our blog post on deinking digitally printed labels on this for more information.

Sustainable paper supplies

Sustainable forests are used for our paper supplies. Our self adhesive paper labels and backing papers are produced from either recycled paper or paper harvested from sustainable forests, mostly in Scandinavia.

Recycleable plastics only used

We specifiy recyclable plastics in preference to non recycleables – We only use recyclable PP (polypropylene) for our synthetic (plastic) digitally printed labels.

Water based adhesives, not solvent

We use environmentally friendly water based adhesives for all of our digital label printing.

Component Safety

Any Questions

Please email any questions on our environmental credability to our Managing Director.